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jrrpcircle's Journal

JRRP Circle
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to JRRP Circle! I'm your moderator li_li_a!

This community is part of the world of jrockroleplay. JRRP is a very expansive place, but so many of the people involved in it have no place of their own to participate in as full community members. JRRP membership is for musicians in Japanese bands with very few exceptions, and so in the past, people in the lives of JRRP members have not had the easiest time taking an active, fun role here on LJ. Surely all of you have a lot to say and you'd just like somewhere to say it! Well, this community is for you! If you're part of the JRRP world but not a musician yourself, now you too have a community you can post to and make your presence known!

Just please keep a few things in mind:

1) Posting members of JRRP---in other words, jrockers---are welcome to comment here all you like. But please do not post to this community. That's what JRRP is for, and you are more than welcome to link anything going on in Circle in your JRRP posts. Exceptions will be made if we start up any "OOG" games using this space, but for now, that's how it works, everybody.

2) "People" or "muns," please direct your posts and comments to jraged, which is the community especially for you! <3

3) Membership is completely open to everyone who operates within the JRRP universe, including JRRP jrockers, though they are asked to follow #1 above. There are no posting requirements. You are welcome to post like crazy, lurk, or anything inbetween. However, out of common courtesy, please lj-cut anything very long or not work-safe.

4) When you first join and start posting here, please give us all a little introduction so we can get to know you!

Finally, this place is designed for fun! So let's have a ton of it!

To use the banner, just take out the spaces in this:
< center >< img src=" http: // www.mind-forest.com/ jrrp/ jrrpcirclebanner.gif " >< /img >< /center >