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*waves* ummmm.. i'm not sure how these work really, but... i guess to save room I will cut in case you don't really care.

e-mail: zodybear@gmail.com
:Name::: Zody
:Nicknames: Zo-Zo, Zoes, Rikku *cuz i'm so obsessed* XD
:B-day: 07/04/85 boom boom day!
:Eye Colour: one blue and one green! yey!
:Hair colour: black
:Height: 5’9"
:Weight: 110
:Home Town: NYC, NY! yeah rockin!
:Current Location: Tokyo, Japan
:Job: Model
:Love: anime, manga, zombies, music, Japan, glitter, stars, things that glow in the dark, sushi, drawing, dancing, going to concerts, fashion and making clothes, cosplay, rikku, fake angel wings and big stompy boots!
:Hate: being forgotten =[
:Parents: William and Tess
:Other: I really want to try to make as many friends here in Japan as I can! I just moved here less than a year ago, and i live with strawberrylemon AKA Aya from the band Psycho le Cemu, well now working under ISABELLE. I do modeling work for whom ever wishes to contract me, done mostly cosplay photos recently, but I've been getting some FTP and some paid shoots from a few low-key fashion magazines. I hope to make friends!! ummm... ja! ^_^

mun: yuffiebunny
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